Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dancing with the Houston Stars

Hello Dancers,

Thank you so much for agreeing to dance with our local celebs this year for dancing with the Houston Stars. DWTHS is a major event for us as a company because it raises a large portion of our operating budget, it allows us to connect with local dignitaries, and brings a new audience to learn more about our programs. I thought I would list some best practices here so that the expectations are clear and this is fun for everyone involved.

Revel Reception: Please plan to attend the Reveal Reception this Sunday March 30, 2014 at 4pm at HMAAC.  Houston Museum of African American Culture. 4807 Caroline Street. 4pm

What's next? Today you will be connected with your partner to start the conversation about your experience. Please be prepared to discuss: Rehearsal Schedule, Song Selection, Costumes, Expectations. (mixed in with some getting to know you chatter)

Rehearsal Schedule: After speaking with your partner please submit to your  wish list for rehearsals from now up until May 3, 2014. I will work to find spaces for you and get that right back to you.If you have access to your own space! That is GREAT! and if it's free that's even BETTER! ;-)

Song Selection: After speaking with your partner it's a good idea to lead the conversation on song selection and overall idea. Remember you are the expert and you have to sound like it, without making them feel like they are not involved. Just smile a lot and say "great idea" that normally works. once you pick a song let me know! We want to make sure we have a good variety!

Costumes: We can link you all to places to get costumes. We will take care of yours and the celeb is responsible for getting theirs.

Expectations of stars: The Stars are expected to raise $2000 through all of the resources we provide them. So that everyone goes into the competition with $2000 points. If more money is raised it will be included on the back end of tallying the score. Any money collected will go toward their overall score with the exception of tickets to the event. Ticket sales will not be included in the scoring.

Expectations of USDC dancers: You all are expected to be professional at all times. Be transparent and clearly communicate with your partner in a timely and effective manner. Remember that we want each star to fall in love with USDC! (bats eyes) Make them work hard and have a good time at it. Be involved in their fundraising efforts! Remember you are a team. Come up with a team name. Make it fun fun fun!!!!!!

How to handle fires:  If something should go wrong (prayerfully not) keep them calm and positive and notify me immediately so that I can Olivia Pope the situation.

Our theme for this year is..............
The BEST event we've ever had:
The MOST money we've ever raised!

Help us to make this mantra come true in every way!

What's in it for you? All dancers will receive a $250 stipend for your participation along with an expression of thanks from the gala committee. You also get to have privilege of knowing you have personally contributed to the growth and success of USDC!

All questions welcomed! Let's have a blast!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Community Dance Project

Hello Community Members!

As you know, Urban Souls Dance Company has organized an exciting dance project for our Black History show! This project is called Exodus: The Community Dance Project!

Objective: The Community Dance Project is designed to provide local community members the opportunity to participate in a mutual performance experience with Urban Souls Dance Company. In an effort to break down the wall between the audience and the performers, USDC has invited the community to join us on stage for an exciting performance.

Who can participate:  This project is open to the public and anyone who has a desire to participate can do so. No dance experience is necessary! There are 2 levels of participation. The lower level (ages 7-14) and the upper level (ages 15 & up)

What is required of participants: All participants are required to
Desire: You must have a DESIRE to dance and maximize the potential of this experience.
Ability: This is a physical activity. All particpants must have the ability to do the movement.
Narrative: You must learn and be interested in telling this amazing story.
Courage: You must have the courage to get on stage and perform.
Energy: You must bring good energy to this experience.

When and where are rehearsals?
Lower Level (Ages 7-14) Saturdays 10am-12 Noon at The Barn 2201 Preston (starting Jan 18)
Upper Level (Ages 15 & up) Saturdays 12 Noon until 2PM at Houston ArtReach  1930 Scott Street (Starting Jan 18) Arrive early for registration.

What do I wear to rehearsal?
Everyone should wear comfortable clothing that stretches and will allow you to move freely. Please be advised that no shoes will be worn for rehearsals or the performance.

What type of dance will be performed? 
The style of dance that will be performed is modern dance. The title of the piece that will be performed is Exodus. Exodus is the story of the Liberian Exodus of 1878, which was a mass exit of African Americans from the United Stated to Liberia after slavery. This is an amazing story and we are delighted that we have the opportunity to share it with everyone through dance.

What if I have a lot of dance experience?
This project is open to everyone, but dancers should keep in mind that people whom may have never danced before will be participating. This is not an opportunity at stardom, it's an opportunity to share!

What if I have NO dance experience?  
Then you are lucky! We are most excited about people like you participating!  How courageous of you!

When is the performance?
Saturday February 15, 2014 8pm at The Cullen Performance Hall on the campus of U of H.

Ok, I'm sold on the idea.. What do I do next?
RSVP by emailing us at and attend your level's first rehearsal!

Lower Levels (Ages 7-14) Please attend the first rehearsal Saturday Jan 18 10-12 Noon (2201 Preston)
Upper Levels (ages 15 & up) lease attend the first rehearsal Saturday Jan 18 12-2pm   (1930 Scott)
Registration and orientation will be held at your first rehearsal, so arrive early! We look forward to seeing you and we hope you are excited about our community dance project!

If you have questions, we prefer email:
For more info visit our website:
If the internet scares you and really prefer to hear a live voice, you can call us at (832) 687-3928 (please expect a slight delay in responses)

If you are interested, we'll see you at rehearsal (after you RSVP)
If you are not interested, we'll see you at the show on Feb 15!

"If we can dance together, we can live together"   Harrison Guy

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Canvas & Choreography

Hello Artists,

We are so excited about our 3rd annual Canvas & Choreography event scheduled for Saturday January 11, 2014 at 8pm. We are also excited about your participation in the event this year. Get ready for an exciting night of artistry & charity.

About Canvas & Choreography: Canvas & Choreography is a fundraiser that benefits Urban Souls Dance Company. It directly helps us to fund our annual Black History Dance Concert. Visual artists so graciously donate their time and talents to creating a dance inspired work that is a part of a "not so silent" auction!

How do you participate: You can either create a work of art live at the event or you can donate a pre-created piece to the silent auction. Or both! You can even start a piece prior to the event and just complete it live if you wish. How you participate is totally up to you and designed to be as convenient as possible for you.

What's in it for you: We will provide you with a great working space and an easel so display your work. We will also provide you a space to display your business cards and provide you with a contact log in case attendees would like to join your mailing lists. You will receive a donation receipt for your work as we are a non profit and all donations are tax deductible. We will list your name as a sponsor in the program for our Up-coming Black History show (Feb 15 at U of H). You will receive one complimentary ticket for a guest for Canvas & Choreography and 2 complimentary tickets for our Black History. Finally, you get to participate in one of Houston's coolest  art events that's for a very worthy cause.

What you do next: Please email us to confirm your participation with the following information.
Name: (As it should be listed on our materials)
Are you painting live or donating a pre-created piece?
The name of the person that we should leave your complimentary ticket for at will call.

There is a Facebook event created as well as an email that you can send out to your networks if needed! Let us know!


Harrison Guy
Artistic Director